Tewkesbury Borough Council Planning Department notify the Clerk, by email that a planning application has been submitted and they provide an internet link to their Planning Portal. Councillors are then able to look on-line at all the documentation relating to the application. In the case of large developments a paper copy is also provided. The Council then has up to 28 days to comment on the application. For residential applications the Parish Council notify neighbours that could be affected by the proposed development and Tewkesbury Borough Council put up Green notices to draw attention to the application. If residents wish to object or comment on any application they should write to Tewkesbury Borough Council Planning Department. It would be helpful if a copy of their objections or comments could be sent to the Parish Council.

Councillors visit the application site, if applicable, and at the next Council meeting they discuss the application and agree a response. Current applications are listed below. To look an application via the Tewkesbury Borough Planning Portal click on the “Planning Portal” button and on the search screen enter the planning application number

Planning Portal

Date Received Application site Application No. Date for response TBC Decision
31 Jan 2013 Perrybrook, To the north of Brockworth and to the south of the A417  12/01256/OUT 28 Feb 2013
19 Sept 2013 184 Hucclecote Road  13/00929/FUL 17th September 2013  Permitted
18th October 2013 Land at the rear of 148 Hucclecote Road 13/01038/FUL 15th November 2013  Permitted
3rd February land Parcel 0045 Stump Lane, 13/01292/FUL 3rd March 2014  Permitted
21st February Single store extension to rear of bungalow 14/00148/FUL 21st March 2014  Permitted
26th March Tesco, Whittle Way 14/00189/FUL 23rd April 2014
26th March Tesco, Whittle Way 14/00190/ADV 23rd April 2014
28th March Berkeley Close 14/00249/CLE 25th April 2014
4th April Unit A Belgrave House, Whittle Way 14/00291/ADV 7th May 2014
14th April Tree Tops Day Nursery, Hucclecote Road 14/00326/FUL 12th May 2014
23rd April Tree Tops, Stump Lane 14/00351/FUL 21st May 2014

Following the Council meeting the Councillor’s response to applications is listed below:


Perrybrook Council Response

Revised application response (Sept 13)


Council Response


Council Response

13/01292/FUL No objection
14/00148/FUL No objection
14/00189/FUL  The Parish Council objects to this application
14/00190/ADV  The Parish Council objects to this application
14/00249/CLE No objection
14/00291/ADV No objection