The Parish Council has nine councillors, who are elected for a four year period. If a vacancy occurs during the four years it can be filled either by a by-election, if there is more than one candidate and ten electors demand a poll, or by co-option. Co-option is where one or more candidates put their name forward to the Council. If there is more than one person standing for co-option then a secret ballot is held by existing councillors.

The Parish Council is supported by the Clerk to the Council who services Council meetings and carries out instructions of the Council made at each meeting. The Clerk also has responsibility for maintaining the Council’s finances. The Clerk is assisted in this role by an administration assistant. The Parish Council also employs a handyman who helps maintain the Village Hall and surrounding area.


maggie-councillor Mrs Maggie Dillon
I became a councillor in November 2011 and am thoroughly enjoying the challenge and the opportunity to learn about the workings of local government.  I shall be retiring from full time employment in the near future and look forward to taking a more proactive role within the Parish Council.  I have lived in Hucclecote for the past 12 years and have four grandchildren which keep me occupied.
Brenda-councillor Mrs Brenda Bentley
When I retired from teaching I moved from County Durham to Coopers Edge with my husband so that we could be closer to our daughter. We have felt warmly welcomed by the community and enjoy getting out and about in the beautiful surrounding countryside as well as exploring everything Cheltenham and Gloucester have to offer.  I joined the Parish Council in order to be more involved in supporting the local community, a role I thoroughly enjoy.
icon Mr Andrew Pugh
I have lived in the parish for 30 years, and was educated in the city. I worked in schools providing careers education and guidance before retiring, and am a freelance rugby commentator for the BBC
icon Mr David Bentley
ted-stevens  Mr Ted Stevens OBE
I joined the Council in March 2016. I have lived in the Parish since 2003, in a house I self-built on Chosen Hill. Until last year I was the chair of the National Custom and Self Build Association – an organisation that has campaigned to make it easier for more people to build their own homes. I’m passionate about the countryside around the wildlife on the Hill. I’m interested in planning issues (I used to be editor of Planning magazine) and I’m keen to explore the idea of drawing up a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish
cik3okyweaecvio  Mrs Gillian Blackwell
icon Mr Oliver Mountjoy
  sarah-moore Miss Sarah Moore
  icon Mrs. Ann Harrison
Admin Assistant
ray-pugh Mr. Ray Pugh


Parish Council Standing Orders

Standing Orders

Parish Council Financial Regulations

Financial Regulations

Members Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Volunteer Policy – Hucclecote Parish Council

Volunteer Policy


Responsibilities of the Parish Council

The Parish Council has a number of responsibilities, some of them advisory within the local government structure and some direct.


All planning applications are assessed by the Parish Council and their views are taken into account when Tewkesbury Borough Council, as the responsible planning authority, makes its decision. The Coopers Edge development together with that of the Whittle Centre has created many large and complex applications which have to be considered by councillors and an agreed response formulated.

Play Park

Play Area

The Parish owns the play area and is responsible for the play equipment. The Council must ensure that the equipment is regularly inspected, including a professional annual inspection. Council members undertake monthly and quarterly inspections which are documented and brought to the attention of the full Council at their monthly meeting. The cost of any repairs and maintenance comes from the Council’s budget.

Footpaths and Footways

The Council makes regular inspections of the footpaths and footways in the parish any problems are reported to County Council Highways Department or Tewkesbury Borough Council for further action


Gloucestershire County Council is the highways authority and any problems are notified to them.

Grants and Donations

The Council has powers to give grants and donations to such bodies as Citizens Advice, the annual Poppy Appeal or community groups. There are strict rules limiting the total amount of donations made in each financial year.


The Council has to fund public litter bins within the parish, although the cost of emptying these is met by the borough council. There are currently 9 litter bins within the parish.

Dog Litter

There are 11 dog litter bins in the parish. Each has been purchased out of parish funds and the cost of emptying these is met by the borough council.

Bus Shelters and benches

The three bus shelters and 7 benches within the parish are owned and maintained by the Council.  Hall Summer 2012


The Council as the local representative body is also asked for their views on a wide range of issues that are decided by other bodies. This could include, for example, public transport, regional planning or community safety. At the start of every Council meeting there is an Open Forum section where residents can come along and raise any parish matter. During the rest of the meeting only councillors may speak.

Village Hall

The Village Hall is owned and run by the Council. The Parish Council office is in this building together with a hall, kitchen, small meeting room, storeroom, toilets and upstairs meeting room where Parish Council meetings are held. The hall and meeting rooms are available to hire. There is a car park for approximately 60 cars and a recent project was undertaken to install car park lighting.