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The original parish council was formed in December 1894 and covered the whole area of Hucclecote. In April 1967, the construction of the M5 motorway effectively cut the parish in two; the part of Hucclecote below the motorway bridge towards Gloucester was taken into the boundary of Gloucester City. The remainder of Hucclecote stayed as part of the Rural District Council. Here is a  map showing the Parish Boundary


A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all residents.

Car parking in the Cranham Gate and Sussex Gardens area – proposed restrictions

Those homes affected by proposed traffic restrictions will have received a preliminary consultation on measures to reduce the affect of non-resident parking on roads within the parish. These measures have been asked for by residents as some of the parked cars have caused obstructions or problems seeing on coming vehicles in certain areas. Please remember that any parking restrictions imposed will apply to you and your visitors as well. It is very important for residents to comment whether they are in favour of the proposals or against. In order to gain a consensus of opinion please make sure your view is made known. If this preliminary consultation receives a consensus of opinion in favour then a final statutory consultation will take place. Once again it will be important for you to respond.

In order to keep the cost of this consultation as low as possible the Parish Council will print the letters and maps, deliver and collate the responses.

Please find the proposed plans below -

Cranham Gate proposed restrictions

Sussex Gardens/Colerne Drive proposed restrictions

If you want these parking restrictions to take place please make sure you respond to both the preliminary and the final consultations. This consultation process may take many months to finalise.

An open event will be held at the Village Hall on Saturday 20th December 2014 from 11:30a.m. until 1:30p.m. when residents can seek any help or clarification relating to the parking proposals.

The Coopers Edge development is being built on the former airfield on land owned originally by Gloucester Aircraft Company. Part of the runway, where the first British jet engined plane the E28/39 was tested, was within our Parish. The plane depicted in our web site banner is a painting of this first plane, by the artist Mark Postlethwaite who has kindly given permission for us to use the image. The Coopers Edge development will consist of 1900 homes,700 of which will be in our parish, a school, shops, community centre, public open spaces and sports facilities.


Hucclecote Blog

The Hucclecote Discussion Blog is available to provide residents of Hucclecote the opportunity to discuss parish matters via the website. It is an area where you may raise questions or identify issues of a general nature that you feel may interest or affect our community. To contribute, simply drop an e-mail to blog@hucclecotepc.gov.uk. Remember, if you are responding to an existing discussion make sure you let us know what it is in response to.